Something you might need to hear before heading into Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner and let’s be honest – for many of us, this is a time that can come with challenges, intensity and heightened emotions.

I want to offer a reminder as you head into upcoming events with family, in-laws, extended friendship groups and your loved ones partners – to go gently with each other. To breathe deeply through your triggers, and accept the inevitable – we’re going to have our differences.

As humans, we come together with our various stories, conditioning, personality traits and life goals. There will be some differences and points of contention that will always be there and, as a result, some issues that can never be fully resolved.

We’re different humans, so we’re going to have differences. We’re not all meant to be the same. We’re not always ready to change. And there are plenty of things we shouldn’t have to change. We may have totally different ways of being and doing to our loved ones and that’s okay. The sooner we understand and accept this, the better.

There can be an expectation, particularly in intimate relationships or in family dynamics, that the other person should be like us; that sameness is equal to goodness.

The way to build a great relationship isn’t to change your loved ones but to find the best systems to help you live with the differences. Rather than putting all our energy into trying to make someone like us or make ourselves like someone else, it’s important that we surrender to, and even celebrate, our diversity.

It’s important to point out a subtlety here. There’s a distinction between appeasing someone and accepting your differences. When you’re appeasing someone, you’re nervous or scared to be real around them or voice your true concerns. When you’ve accepted your differences in a relationship, you’re gracefully acknowledging that multiple realities can exist .You haven’t changed or suppressed who you are, you’re simply choosing not to aggravate the differences.

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