A women kneeling with her head resting on a bed looking at the camera, only one eye can be seen.

Your lack of self-love is stopping you from receiving love.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that you can’t love another until you love yourself first. I see so many people who give love – often bucketloads of it – without saving much for themselves. But a lack of self-love will make it so much harder for you to accept love in return.

Emma Power and her husband staring into one another's eyes while the sun rises over the ocean behind them.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Here’s why.

You’re at the start of a new relationship – and it’s pure magic. All those hormones are flying around, you’re working your new lover’s name into every conversation, and you miss them as soon as they leave. It feels so… perfect.

A couples feet sticking out from underneath the bed covers.

Got 5 minutes? Learn the greatest sex tip ever.

I often get asked for techniques on how to be a better lover. No matter how much I learn about sex and relationships my answer is always the same – and it’s not some fancy trick that can be performed with hands, mouths or genitals.

A person half hidden behind a curtain, their face casting an ominous shadow.

Quick conflict resolutions you can’t argue with.

Let’s be realistic here – it’s inevitable that conflict will arise in your relationship. And the fastest and most successful way to find your way back to your partner during these tense times is also probably the last thing you’ll feel like doing.