Miracle Story and Dates Announced

Hi loves,

The day I went on maternity leave, I received an email from Hardie Grant Publishers asking me to pitch them a book with the title; How to have Meaningful Relationships.

How to have better sex

After almost a decade of working with thousands of people to improve their sex lives, I can attest to fundamental themes that come up over and over again. Here are some of my tips on how to have better sex..

Magic happens when you learn this

People say that Yoga is a spiritual experience that can transform your life. But have you ever wondered how doing some stretches on a yoga mat can actually change much at all?

Make these small tweaks to create major change

How do we incorporate Spirituality into our everyday life?
How do we live in a way that brings forth our best self? What exactly does it mean to have a Spiritual Practice?

6 Must-Know Self-Love Techniques

The most intimate relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. It’s the one relationship that you know you’ll be in for the rest of your life.