5 Ways to instantly find more balance

In an age where we find ourselves pulled in a million directions, presented with endless choices and being bombarded by images and suggestions, it can be hard to find ways to feel balanced and grounded. The following are some simple steps to get you centered and feeling more spacious.

6 Techniques to transform your lovemaking

After 13 years of working with thousands of people to improve their sex lives, I can attest to some fundamental themes that come up over and over again. Here are some of my tips on how to have better sex..

Managing Change

Have you ever found yourself believing that change is difficult? Or been challenged by others who are resisting change?

This Makes for Great Sex

Often sex is thought of as a set of moves designed to create a specific outcome – usually an orgasm, and then we’re done… Right?

Quiz: Are you a Conscious Communicator?

Poor communication is one of the most common reasons that loving relationships breakdown. Often, our heart is in the right place but our message doesn’t land. Or we communicate with others from our defenses, triggers and past hurts.

2022 March Fighting in Relationships

From frustrating fights about emptying the dishwasher, through to intense arguments about money or sex, relationships inevitably hit bumps in the road.