I began my journey by following the light in my heart.

While my friends were preparing for university, I was packing my bags for a different kind of adventure. I needed to feed my soul. I found new homes in India and Asia, and discovered the path to a deeper level of fulfilment while studying the intricacies of the tantric and yogic frameworks.

The world’s most extraordinary teachers showed me how to live a life of joy.

I let down my walls, and learnt a new framework for living. The foundations uncovered new depths of happiness, connection and self-love - and the wisdom to lift me back up when the challenges arose. I slowly started collecting my missing pieces, leading to a transformation that blew every part of my mind. A veil had lifted, and my eyes were open. I emerged stronger yet lighter, and full of knowledge so powerful and profound.

I knew I had to use these foundations to help others set their souls on fire.

I devote my days to passing on the tools to those yearning to grow into their happiest selves. I share my foundations as a speaker at events, festivals and workshops, and through my businesses Tantra Is Love and The Awaken School. My work gives me purpose, and the heartwarming honour of helping people understand, connect and find enriching meaning in the everyday. I still pinch myself as I watch their worlds transform, just as mine did.

I’m a lover, a barefoot beach mama, a passionate surfer. And I’m a work in progress.

The coast is my home, and my wild surroundings keep me grounded - and growing. Our beautiful little beach shack is my happy place. It’s where you’ll usually find me swimming in the simple pleasures of spending time with my greatest teachers, my love Ads and our growing ray of light Louie Moon. Happily curled up in their goodness, usually nursing a cup of chai after finding my flow out in the waves.