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It’s time for deeper relationships, meaningful sex & finding joy in the everyday, every day.


You can let down your guard.

You won’t need walls for our wanderings.

You’re yearning, seeking, craving connection. And you’re ready to grow.

I’ve gathered the goodness from the world’s most extraordinary teachers, tantrics, yogis and swamis.

At my workshops and events, I’ll share the foundations to help you feel whole, step into your boundless potential, and grow heartbursting connections with yourself and the ones you love.

You’ll stop missing out on the gold, and start swimming in your own sunshine.

So take a breath and settle in. We’re going to get deep. And it’s going to be meaningful.

The process

I’ll teach you the foundations to help you flourish.

Think of these as your soulful sidekicks, designed to help you step into who you’re destined to be. Delving into the discoveries of ancient teachings and modern psychology, you’ll unearth the full potential of your body, emotions and environment.

You’ll get out of your head and into your heart.

Because our journey is going to your core. That’s where the light flows in, and it’s where we’ll cultivate the authentic connections I know you crave. You’ll discover that relationships are a skill to be learnt, and then understood. By learning to live harmoniously with others - and yourself - you’ll experience the complete scope of human connection.

We’ll undo the numbness.

And stop going through the motions. You’ll be empowered to open your mind and expand your consciousness. You’ll learn how to heal from past hurts and grow from the challenges. It’s a safe space, so you can drop the barriers you’re holding around your heart.

And together, we’ll grow.

We’ll embrace your evolution. You will begin to bloom, and be armed with the foundations to continue to rise. You’ll feel connected to yourself, your loved ones and your life’s purpose. Because you’ll move closer to your true soul nature. And begin falling in love with it.



  • "This is such an opportunity for healing and experiencing authentic unconditional loving connection with yourself and others. The way this work has impacted my life in the past two years has been profound. The way I am able to truly love and honour myself and those in my life has shifted massively."

  • "I did this workshop two years ago now and it was a complete game changer for me."

  • "If you feel like someone's not telling you something really important about love and how it works, this is it. It answered questions I didn't even know how to ask."

  • "Completely blown away by the Tantra Is Love relationships workshop this weekend. Emma Power Til Sean O'Faolain Belinda Totino You guys rock my world. So many amazing and beautiful people, it is so inspiring and heartwarming to be a part of this incredible community. So much gratitude to all facilitators and participants...Thankyou!"

  • "Thank you Emma Power Til you were born to Empower!!! I have so much gratitude for your teachings, your knowledge blows me away. I love that my yoga has gone to a whole new level I didn't even know existed."

  • "The pace, the content, the integrity, the balance between play and serious was perfect, the genuine care, the space, the safety of the container - the people... all aspects of the weekend that I loved:)..."

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